Food is life, connection, family.

It is colour, form, texture, aroma.

It has a story.

Whether on a glossy page or on the table, it is art that can pull us in and say, 

come closer.

Welcome To The World Of Melbourne Food Photographer, Hannah Caldwell

Hannah is a passionate Melbourne-based food photographer who creates resonant, beautiful images for an increasingly attention-starved world. 

Whether for editorial or commercial purposes, Hannah’s dynamic, dark, and moody food photography elevates food imagery and communicates a premium brand feel. 

Her work has been showcased internationally in outlets like Elle Decoration UK and Vogue and been widely published in books and magazines across Australia. 

Hannah has over 10 years of experience and works with a range of clients across the food industry spectrum. Her clients include chefs, art directors, food brands, food producers, restaurants and cafes, and FMCG. 

She loves to collaborate, as well as use photography to tell the stories of the talented chefs and food producers who create the Melbourne food scene.

Her captivating food photography helps generate sales, customers, and enhanced brand awareness.

An Eye For Drama: Inspired Food, Beverage, and Still Life Portfolios

Hannah’s portfolio features both editorial and commercial images, and each portfolio showcases a particular theme in food photography.

The Food Portfolio focuses on gorgeous food photography. 

The Beverage Portfolio includes strong editorial and product advertising images. 

Finally, the Still Life portfolio centers on inspired tablescapes. 

A Love Of Family, Food And Art

Hannah’s love of food is rooted in her Scottish childhood. Poignant memories of family dinners and favourite holiday dishes represent the long and powerful pull of family, culture, and tradition. Even though some of Hannah’s family is now separated by a vast distance, she finds that preparing a beloved family recipe can transcend time and space, connecting her across continents.

Hannah worked in the food industry before becoming a photographer, an experience that created a life-long passion for food and wine. A fine arts education and an artist’s eye leant a painterly quality to her work as she began to translate artistic obsessions into food photography. 

Food is necessary to life itself, and remains significant to Hannah’s ongoing artistic exploration and practice. She loves working with colour, especially rich hues and deeper tones. She finds light and shadow intriguing, and enjoys creating emotion and mood to capture and engage viewers.

Yes, photography is her career. But it’s more than that – it’s the way she reveals the beauty and depth in the layers of the world around her.

Work With Melbourne Food Photographer, Hannah Caldwell

If you’re looking for an experienced FMCG photographer or a food photographer in Melbourne, contact Hannah